Naval Ammunitions Production Engineering Center ( NAPEC ) hasp

The two styles of hasps under military specification MIL-DTL-29181, HASP, HIGH SECURITY, SHROUDED, FOR HIGH AND MEDIUM SECURITY PADLOCK are intended for use with high security padlocks for critical security applications. The two styles are the right hand or left hand style for use on sliding and hinged doors, and the style for use on shipboard doors and hatches that swing out to open. Tennessee Investment Casting, Company cast these Hasps for shipboard doors and hatches.

These high security hasps were formerly known as the Naval Ammunitions Production Engineering Center ( NAPEC ) hasp.

TICCO Inc., manufacture the following National stock numbers ( NSN ) 0957 Hasp, 0958 Hasp, NAPEC Hasp, NSN 5340-01-196-2547, NSN 5340-01-235-6907, NSN 5340-01-281-7938, NSN 5340-01-282-8275, NAPEC Kits, Style 1, M29181-01, M29181-02, Style 6 Hasp and High Security Hasp.

NAPEC 1300 Shipboard Hasp

Napec high-security hasp components - NSN

Tennessee Investment Casting Company supply high security hasp components for US military applications.

These products are made at our facility in Tennessee, USA and are fully certified to all applicable Government specifications.

Tennessee Investment Casting Company use packaging that provides effective protection of these components during shipping.

NAPEC 0957 Hasp Right Investment Casting
NAPEC 0958 Hasp Left Investment Casting

HASP Investment Casting


  • NAPEC 1300 Series Hasp
  • NAPEC Kits 5532337
  • NSN # 534-01-282-8275
  • NSN # 5340-01-196-2547
  • NSN # 5340-01-235-6907
  • Small Volume
  • Large Volume
  • Medium Volume


Investment Casting Services

    TICCO Inc., manufacture the following National stock numbers ( NSN ).

  • 0957 Hasp
  • 0958 Hasp
  • NAPEC Hasp
  • NSN 5340-01-196-2547
  • NSN 5340-01-235-6907
  • NSN 5340-01-281-7938
  • NSN 5340-01-282-8275
  • NAPEC Kits
  • Style 1
  • M29181-01
  • M29181-02
  • Style 6 Hasp
  • High Security Hasp

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